Three UGC detonated the whole platform to co-creat! LiuliuMei with Xiao Zhan harvested another 1.2 billion traffic storm

Recently, LiuliuMei together with the brand's global ambassador Xiao Zhan officially announced the launch of crisp green plum products. The original weibo topic # Chinese green plum LiuliuMei # received more than 1.2 billion reads, exceeding expectations by 300%, the number of original participants up to 100 thousands , the final topic cumulative discussion nearly 358 billions! Thus accumulating positive image assets!

Darkie toothpaste renamed Darlie, Who is the first brand endorser?

After changing its name to "Darlie", the first brand ambassador was announced. The first brand smile ambassador - Dingzhen, and bring a new brand advertising. In recent years, the short video platform has exploded, and many internet celebrity have risen, quickly harvesting a lot of attention, and brands have also immediately aimed their attention at the weblebrity marketing. However, what kind of brands are suitable to net celebrities? What new marketing perspectives will they bring to brands?

Liuliumei with Xiao zhan to help promote new products go viral, exceeded expectations 360% strongly topped the category list!

Recently, Liuliumei together with the brand's global endorser Xiao Zhan launched a new upgraded version of plum jelly, the original Weibo topic # Eat natural jelly- plum jelly # recieved 360 million + reads, exceeding expectations by 360%, the comments of the topic up to 807 thousands! Liuliumei deep grasp of consumers' preferences, guide and encourage users to start UGC creation, thus triggering the public outside the target to participate in the successful marketing of new products!

F1 first Chinese driver debut PRADA, lead non-celebrity business into a dark horse!

Recently, racing driver Zhou Guangyu has officially announced a number of business cooperation one after another, including Hublot, Prada and other first-line brands. After the Tokyo Olympic Games, the trend of non-celebrity endorsement is gradually obvious, and the commercial value of the champion athletes has entered an explosive period, and the brands then aimed their attention at the athletes who might get a major breakthrough.

Stubborn mouth officially announced brand ambassador Yang Di, cute pet KOC go viral!

Recently,Stubborn Mouth officially announced Yang Di as the brand ambassador,through the launch of share cats pics activities,breaking through the community to drive the participation of the whole area users,triggering the interactive craze of cute pets!

"Virtual Gao Yuanyuan" launched,Metaverse become a new trend of brand marketing?

Recently,Clinique officially announced the virtual Gao Yuanyuan as the new 302 technology decoding officer,entered the metaverse.In addition to Clinique,there is a steady flow of brands want to join in,metaverse has become a new marketing trend.What exactly attracts them to enter the virtual world?What kind of chemistry will be created between brands and virtual idols?

Fanidol awarded NetEase“Annual influence creator”! Original content received over 50 million quality Impressions.

Recently, the results of the "2021 NetEase Creator's Yearbook" were officially released, Fanidol Entertainment was awarded the title of "Annual Influential Creator" with its high-quality graphic and video content! Under the "Attitude in different ways" proposition and environment of NetEase platform,Fanidol Entertainment keeps up with the demand, adhere to producing original graphics and videos, provides users with in-depth and multi-angle information content!

Received more than 20 endorsements, why is Eileen Gu so popular with brands?

Before winning the Winter Olympics, Eileen Gu had received more than 20 brands endorsement, including LV, Tiffany and other top international brands, and overnight the ads were all over the APP opening screen, elevator buildings and other channels,dominated the social media like crazy. Why is the 18 year old so sought after by the brands?

Liuliumei announced Xiao Zhan as globe ambassador got nearly 2 billion views, more than 675 millions discussion exceeded expectations 1050% sparked attention!

Recently, Xiao Zhan named Liuliumei's globe ambassador, the Weibo topic # Xiao Zhan named Liuliumei's global ambassador # and # Chinese green plum Liuliumei # received nearly 2 billion views, exceeding expectations by a staggering 1050%, the comments on both topics up to 675 millions,nearly 220 thousands customers participates in both topics. "Plum flavor" while vigorously promoting the plum culture, winning wide praise from customers and non-customers, and finally achieved a marketing effect far beyond expectations!

"New top star" is coming, brand endorsement in advance to open a new model

At the Tokyo Olympics, Su Bingtian set a new Asian record in the men's 100m semifinal, earning him nine brand endorsements, sports players are getting involved in entertainment marketing. In this fashion, the commercial influence of many athletes is equal to that of entertainers. The Winter Olympics is approaching with the support of low risk and positive energy, "new top stars" will be born in the sports circle, and the brand cooperation model will also open a new model.