Marketing Services

Guaranteed Results:Most Advertisement Companies only promise CPM and CPC. Like giving you a pool tofish but not promising you how many fishes you can get,even if fishes will eat your bait or not.

Technology Background:Our OMO-BPO team owns a robust technology platform,that can track the AD effects in real time about whether your ads have effect and whether they have reached your target audiences,so we can adjust the ad materials as soon as possible, which can help to find the prospectors & target audiences for our clients.

Data Analysis:OMO-BPO Team will provide the top-down analysis for clients including the relationship of industry chain, competition situation, industry maturity and consumer insight. Then we make the quantitative data and qualitative focused group research to find the potential partners, content planning , tone manner to keep the continuous improvement by scientific data feedback.

Cooperation Flexible:Make use of all kinds of ads carrier and develop different interactive marketing solutions. Coordinate with online and off-line movement to maximize the ads benefit and make target group more accurate. You can pay by your desired effect. By the number of fans? Ok! By sales volume? Ok! By click volume? Ok! It`s all up to you!

Marketing Format

Effect Marketing:CPA(Cost-Per-action), base on the result or action of advertisement, which means that the pricing is according to all effective responses to the questionnaire instead of the media exposure.

Brand Marketing:Use brand symbols to pave the invisible marketing network into the heart of the public and to deliver the products to the consumers. So the company will constantly gain and maintain the competitive edge so as to build a higher-status marketing philosophy. Then customers will choose the product when consuming and investors will recognize the company when choosing cooperative partners.

Word Of Mouth Marketing:Online Social Media has the high successful rate and strong creditability. Analysis from themarketingreal practices, social media is to use all the effective ways to inspire the customers and prospectors to discuss and develop topics on products, services and brand images. From the all above to inspire recommendations from the customers to the others and had approved to have the high successful and strong credibility.

Product Placement Marketing:ZHIJIANG ADVERTISING Ltd. is the exclusive advertising agency of ZHICHUANTELEVISION MEDIA CO. Ltd.We provides the exclusive advertising resources in movie,TV episode and Webisode…etc,all kinds of entertainment contents to create the the halo effect among the audiences.

Our Multi-Channels Network (MCN) Brand

Over 2,000 corporate accounts were created on Weibo and WeChat, covering industries including technology, living, automotive, fashion, financial services, real estates…etc.

Brand Marketing

1.Maximize the advertising result.

To drive the brand symbols being embedded into publics.To develop the invisible marketing network into every one's heart , deliver the products images into the consumers.

2.Maximize the advertising benefit.

The company will constantly gain and maintain the competitive edge so as to build a higher-status marketing philosophy.

3.Optimize the advertising expenses.

Make the product,brand and company the top of consumer,customer and client’s mind to optimize every penny you spend..


1.Create brand value by customer's brand needs , develop the brand value and then eventually make brand benefit come true.

2.Make a profound impression of the enterprise brand and products on the target customers by proper marketing strategies. Show the image, popularity and credibility of the company to form a positive image of services and products in the heart of customers.

3.Reflect the comprehensive strength and management level of the company through the establishment of enterprise, product and service identities.

4.Get plenty of useful information through marketing research, market modeling and predictive analysis. The market specialist will make strategic decisions and investment guidance on the basis of these information. Establish a measure method to create event proposals and increase sales volume.


Exclusive Advertising Resources

ZHIJIANG ADVERTISING Ltd. is the exclusive advertising agency of ZHICHUAN TELEVISION MEDIA CO. Ltd. The exclusive advertisingresources will make implantation in accordance with the characteristics of the product style to make a halo-type influence in customer consuming. Set a behavior example forcustomers in the intense liveness. Enlarge brand imagination and brand identity to promote brand value.

Form Of Implantation

Drama Implantation

Focus on the product / store / company / service or the main elements for its storyline

Obvious Identification

Product /brand /sponsored or materials of unique selling points reflected or focused in scene

Oral Reference

Product service or name of company mentioned by characters

Oral Glorification

Characters refer to product, service or name of company and also imply with action and language

Focused Exhibition

Character use the product or its package

Exhibition In Background

Exhibit the brand logo by written background or use store as screen background

Press Releases

Zhijiang’s greatest strength lies in resource integration. Through electronic public relations (EPR) at platforms such as Weibo, WeChat and Weibo hot topics, we could promote TV and internet entertainment shows and magnify the market heat, successfully win the attentions for our clients.

Teaming Up

Zhijiang has previously campaigned for the online idol show “My baby sister” and created Weibo topics of more than 20 thousand of KOL sharing. Topics created #My baby sister#, achieved No.3 on the Weibo entertainment list, with more than 8.3 million hits. Other related topics were ranked Top 1 on the Weibo entertainment list with Weibo topic homepage promotion and more than 10 million hits.

Sales And Services
Our Core Strengths

Elevate Brand Awareness

Attract Users And Reinforce Interactions

Uplift Target Audience Conversion

Our Strategies

Tailor Made Promotions To Create Brand Uniqueness Of Our Clients

Maximize Advertising Influence On WeChat Platform Via Attractive WeChat Activities

Magnify Interaction With Target Sales Audiences By Leveraging Company Resources

By Using Precise Analysis, Co-Operate With Social Media Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) And Rally For The Campaigns

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