Global 500 companies that we served during the past decade

Client rapports were built through professional services provided. Zhijiang focused on developing stable and long term relationships with our clients:
· Standard Chartered Bank (since 2007)
· Citibank (since 2010)


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网站数据资料 2022.05.18 Three UGC detonated the whole platform to co-creat! LiuliuMei with Xiao Zhan harvested another 1.2 billion traffic storm

Recently, LiuliuMei together with the brand's global ambassador Xiao Zhan officially announced the launch of crisp green plum products. The original weibo topic # Chinese green plum LiuliuMei # received more than 1.2 billion reads, exceeding expectations by 300%, the number of original participants up to 100 thousands , the final topic cumulative discussion nearly 358 billions! Thus accumulating positive image assets!

网站数据资料 2022.05.04 Darkie toothpaste renamed Darlie, Who is the first brand endorser?

After changing its name to "Darlie", the first brand ambassador was announced. The first brand smile ambassador - Dingzhen, and bring a new brand advertising. In recent years, the short video platform has exploded, and many internet celebrity have risen, quickly harvesting a lot of attention, and brands have also immediately aimed their attention at the weblebrity marketing. However, what kind of brands are suitable to net celebrities? What new marketing perspectives will they bring to brands?

网站数据资料 2022.04.27 Liuliumei with Xiao zhan to help promote new products go viral, exceeded expectations 360% strongly topped the category list!

Recently, Liuliumei together with the brand's global endorser Xiao Zhan launched a new upgraded version of plum jelly, the original Weibo topic # Eat natural jelly- plum jelly # recieved 360 million + reads, exceeding expectations by 360%, the comments of the topic up to 807 thousands! Liuliumei deep grasp of consumers' preferences, guide and encourage users to start UGC creation, thus triggering the public outside the target to participate in the successful marketing of new products!

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